Matte & Gloss Sealant

Matte & Gloss Sealant

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• Easy spray and wipe technology.
• One Sealant for both Matte & Gloss.
• Matte & Gloss retain their same look.
• Helps provide long term wrap protection.
• No Petroleum Solvents/No VOCs/ No listed Hazardous Materials.
• Formulated with materials to act and react with other Croftgateusa Wrap Care products. 

Directions for use:
* Always use with clean twice folded Microfiber towels.
* Use on just cleaned wrap surfaces (CroftgateUSA Matte & Gloss).
* Do not use on hot surface. If wrap surface is hot, allow it to cool down before using Wrap Care Matte & Gloss Sealant.

1. Spray Sealant onto a twice-folded microfiber towel to pre-soak the towel surface.
2. Spray Sealant onto one panel at a time and rub with pre-soaked microfiber towel.
3. Use second clean microfiber towel to lightly buff surface.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 until all sections are sealed.