Odor Eliminator

Odor Eliminator

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This Eco Responsible formula chemically binds and encapsulates odor causing materials, rendering them undetectable. It eradicates odors, prevents them from returning. Odor Eliminator contains a small amount of fragrance to provide a freshly cleaned scent while the product is being used.


• Works quickly.
• No listed hazardous materials or Petroleum distillates.
• Concentrated, a little goes a long way.
• Destroys both airborne and ingrained odors.
• No tacky residue and adds softness to treated fabrics.
• Available in small glove box bottle to keep in car & larger sizes.
• Easy to use trigger spray or pump mist application.


Recommendation For Use:
For general odor removal in car: Spray a mist or two on floor mats.

For odor specific areas where the cause needs to be removed: After odor causing material has been removed and cleaned, spray or mist directly onto area that was causing the bad odor.