Surface Prep

Surface Prep

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• Lifts and removes dust, road grime, oils, grease and more.
• Almost acts like a surface primer allowing a better spread and strong bond of vinyl adhesion to surface.
• Treats and prepares all hard surfaces.
• Helps ensure fewer customer issue like bubbles or loose adhesion.
• Use as a Surface Prep, even on very dirty surfaces.
• No or Low odor - Easy to use wipe and off. 

Not Flammable/Zero Voc/
No Petroleum Solvents/No Listed Hazardous Materials
Does not contain any alcohol or other materials that are easily in-haled, filling your work areas with strong or dangerous odors. 

Directions for use:
Part of our system is to use a folded microfiber towel.
1. Spray onto a clean folded microfiber towel to pre-soak
towel (1 time only).
2. Spray onto an area and wipe with the pre-soaked micro
fiber towel.

3. Use second dry micro fiber towel to buff dry. 

Repeat steps 1 and 3 until all sections are treated and clean.